Bill Austin Utama

Colours on My Mind

Peek into the amazing world of Bill as mesmerising colours and shapes take centrestage. The artworks represent his love for artistic experimentation and self-expression.

Danial Isaac Bin Abdullah

Into the Blue

Inspired by the depths of emotion encapsulated in the shade of ocean blue, Danial reimagines the concept of freedom surrounded by nature and the limitless wonder of the sea.

Muhammad Shahfiq Bin Rahim Shah


It’s all in the details with Shahfiq’s creations. Explosions of colour and intricate line work blend seamlessly to form a landscape of a utopia beyond, where skyscrapers are built with the energy from good thoughts and pure hearts.

Noah Tan

My Heart Fills the Universe

As a lofty tribute to Noah’s favourite artist and sculptor, Romero Britto, his art pieces feature elements from cubism and pop art. Baring his heart through his pieces, it is Noah’s goal to use his art to shed light on other persons with autism and their hidden talents.

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