HAND IN HAND with Pilot Pen

This September, join Pilot Pen as the world’s leading stationery brand pays homage to its 100th anniversary with all-good intentions. Through an artistic collaboration with Rainbow Centre, the campaign – named ‘Colour Our World’, saw the brand launching sets of four limited-edition pens, created exclusively to raise funds for the local social service organisation for persons with disabilities.

The artistic collaboration with Rainbow Centre sets the perfect stage for the four youth talents and their creations to be a testament to what creativity and self-expression look like without limitations. ‘Colour Our World’ spurs the student artists on to express their unfettered creativity beyond the limitations of their disabilities, from a well-meaning space of acceptance and appreciation.

The campaign also aims to serve as a bridge for others to experience the artworks immersed in the context of the student artists’ unique backstories, for a personal touch.

Auction of Artworks & Sale of Limited Edition Pen Sets