Empowerment through Training

Photo Credit Marc Tan | Studio Periphery

From the eye of a visitor, Seeds Cafe looks just like an everyday cafe you would visit to have a cuppa. In fact, there is actually more to the cafe than meets the eye as Seeds Cafe, is not just any cafe.

It is a training ground that provides various F&B training opportunities for young persons with disabilities, as well as social space for an inclusive community. The cafe is thoughtfully curated to allow authentic and meaningful interactions for better appreciation of one another as unique individuals, with hope to equip the individuals with a skill set that would enable them to contribute to society.

Apart from the cafe, another facility in the school also caters to nurturing the students to be ready for employment in the future. The Hive, provides a conducive environment for students to hone various skills under the supervision of the caring trainers.

This space facilitates vocational activities for students in areas like food preparation and management, floristry, and laundry services and management. The Hive is a place where students can practice useful works skills and habits by immersing themselves in authentic work settings. A gym is in place for students to build their strength and stamina.

Colour Our World enables them the opportunity to gain experience in product assembly and packaging. One can say that automation may be upon us; however, we cannot deny the fact that in many industries, the human touch still adds value and sincerity to the product.

Apart from amplifying their artworks through the media to the public, we hope that showcasing their talents will open up future employment opportunities from industry professionals, and at the same time, boost efforts to level the playing field and lift stereotypes on what creatives with disabilities can achieve in the commercial arena.

For more information

contact us at seeds@rainbowcentre.org.sg.

Operating Hours

Mon to Fri: 7:30am – 6:00pm
Sat & PH : 8:30am – 6:00pm


Rainbow Centre, 501 Margaret Drive Singapore 149306

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